3 Key Stages to giving Powerful Presentations

The ability to conduct persuasive presentations is a skill, which will stand you in good stead throughout your career, be it in selling, management or your personal life. We all need to present ideas to others in order to gain their commitment. The most common reasons for an idea failing are either that the presentation was unconvincing or that the presenter failed to obtain commitment to a course of action.

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Advanced Negotiating Skills Master Class
In today’s highly competitive world, where more and more people are having to argue their case for a share of increasingly scarce resources, the ability to negotiate effectively is an essential skill - whether you are a Manger, a Union Representative, a Buyer or a Seller, a Customer or a Supplier. The art of negotiation is to aim for a win-win outcome - the workshop covers the three phase model, establishing and using trading currencies, fall back options and your settlement range, signaling and proposing, gaining commitment and tactical team roles.
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Inter-Personal Skills Training for Negotiators

Aggressive negotiators consistently perform less well than those with collaborative negotiating styles; but the perceived danger when using this approach is that they may be thought to be attempting to negotiate from a position of weakness.

This workshop explores how using key communication skills, in four critical areas, Initiating, Reacting, Clarifying & Controlling, enables the negotiator to be assertive without being confrontational, flexible without appearing weak and firm without appearing intransigent.

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Introduction to Management
The workshop examines the obstacles and opportunities facing newly appointed managers. During the workshop delegates will learn how to use a range of core tools and techniques in the areas of people and task management in order for them to effectively manage both themselves and their team.
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Relational Selling Skills

The most effective approach to maximising every selling opportunity, building long term relationships, clinching profitable sales and promoting repeat and referred business. Incorporating the "joint problem solving" and "benefit analysis" systems used by the most successful salespeople in Europe and the USA.

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Strategic Key Account Management
This workshop has been designed as a hands on forum to enable those responsible for managing Key Accounts to identify the successful behaviours, attitudes and skills needed to function in today’s highly competitive environment. An important statistic on average 5% of customers account for over 50% of sales revenue.
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The Manager As A Coach
Successful companies will need to depend more and more upon the ability of their junior and middle managers to maximise the potential offered by their greatest resource - their staff. Organisational Changes, Flatter Management Structures & Changing Attitudes have necessitated a move away from the more traditional/hierarchical role of management towards one that is based more on developing and empowering all members of staff.
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Time Management
Managing time can be divided into three elements - managing ourselves, managing others and managing resources. We must first learn to manage our own time, however, before attempting to organise others. Time Management is the process by which we take control of the time we have, in order to achieve the tasks we need to complete, in order to function effectively.
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