Inter-Personal Skills Training for Negotiators


Aggressive negotiators consistently perform less well than those with collaborative negotiating styles; but the perceived danger when using this approach is that they may be thought to be attempting to negotiate from a position of weakness.

This workshop explores how using key communication skills, in four critical areas, Initiating, Reacting, Clarifying & Controlling, enables the negotiator to be assertive without being confrontational, flexible without appearing weak and firm without appearing intransigent.

Target Group A critical foundation course for all those involved in negotiations. Managers, Buyers, Key Account Managers, Sales staff.
  • Practiced the concepts of Verbal Behavioural Analysis (VBA)enabling them to modify their communication strategies during a negotiation
  • Understood and practiced Active Listening Skills (ALS)
  • Determined how to use advanced questioning techniques to gain information, clarify potential misunderstandings and gain commitment.
  • Examined the impact of non-verbal communication including mirrored, opposite and complimentary behaviours
  • Understood how to recognise, and use, the key negotiating communication skills of proposing, building and signalling
  • Demonstrated how successful communication can be used to overcome objections, prevent conflict and achieve a win-win outcome
Time Scale 1 day workshop
Methodology Formal presentations are followed by practical case studies and skills practice sessions in which the delegates demonstrate and understanding of, and the ability to put into practice, each major learning point.
Linked Courses Negotiation Workshop, Introduction to Management, The Manager as a Coach, Selling Skills, Key Account Management

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