3 Key Stages to giving Powerful Presentations


The ability to conduct persuasive presentations is a skill, which will stand you in good stead throughout your career, be it in selling, management or your personal life. We all need to present ideas to others in order to gain their commitment. The most common reasons for an idea failing are either that the presentation was unconvincing or that the presenter failed to obtain commitment to a course of action.

Target Group Those requiring to give presentations to customers, colleagues, suppliers or their management team
  • Identified and practised a structured approach to planning, constructing and delivering effective presentations.
  • Explored the concepts of "Declared" and "Hidden" Objectives
  • Identified their own strengths as presenters and received guidance on overcoming their shortcomings.
  • Studied and practised the techniques needed to create initial impact - and to then maintain the interest level.
  • Investigated the need to gain commitment from an audience to a prescribed course of action.




1.       Setting Objectives - Criteria and Fall Backs (Hidden and Declared).

2.       Deciding on Content - Tailoring it to the audience (WIIFM)

3.       Structure - Overview, Main Body, Review

4.       Planning Facilities - Style, Size, Amenities

5.       Audience Research - Expectations, Threats, Support

6.       The Style of the Meeting - Lecture, Interactive, Working Groups

7.       Presentation Checklist




1.      Visuals - Options and Usage

2.      Notes - Guide or Hindrance

3.      Case Studies

4.      Other Speakers

5.      Rehearsal


Presentational Skills:-


1.      Presentation Strategies - Inform, Convince, Motivate

2.      Creating and Maintaining Interest - PACKED (Projection, Articulation, Contextual, Engaging, Delivery)

3.      Image – Body language, dress, coping with nerves

4.      Handling Questions and interruptions– reflect and deflect techniques

5.      Facilitating discussion

6.      Summarising

7.      Closing for Commitment

Time Scale 2 day workshop
Methodology A highly interactive workshop where delegates will be required to present as a member of a team and individually. Delegates will work on case studies and personal presentations using a variety of presentational tools and facilities.
Linked Courses Introduction to Management, The Manager as a Coach, Selling Skills, Key Account Management

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Public Courses £595 - Standard Charge
£525 - Subsequent delegates from the same company on the same course
* Please note all prices are subject to UK VAT charged at the standard rate at the time of order.

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