Advanced Negotiating Skills Master Class

Introduction In today’s highly competitive world, where more and more people are having to argue their case for a share of increasingly scarce resources, the ability to negotiate effectively is an essential skill - whether you are a Manger, a Union Representative, a Buyer or a Seller, a Customer or a Supplier. The art of negotiation is to aim for a win-win outcome - the workshop covers the three phase model, establishing and using trading currencies, fall back options and your settlement range, signaling and proposing, gaining commitment and tactical team roles.
Target Group

Managers, Buyers, Key Account Managers, Sales Staff. anyone involved in commercial negotiations or involved in resolving conflict situations

  • Determined the three key stages in the negotiating process
  • Explored the characteristics of effective negotiators
  • Understood when to bargain and when to negotiate
  • Identified the key planning elements including determining trading currencies, setting tactical roles, setting objectives, setting your settlement range, setting backstops, and identifying common ground
  • Understood and practiced when and how to use, proposing, signaling, "if – then" trading and gaining commitment.
  • Practiced a range of key communication skills specific to conducting effective negotiations
  • Examined the key areas of establishing control and evaluation procedures to ensure compliance with the negotiated terms and conditions
Time Scale 2 day workshop
Methodology Formal presentations are followed by practical case studies and skills practice sessions in which the delegates demonstrate and understanding of, and the ability to put into practice, each major learning point.
Linked Courses Introduction to Management, The Manager as a Coach, Selling Skills, Key Account Management

In House Course

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£395 - Additional delegates on the same course
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